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  • protects the wood from attack of wood-destroying and wood-staining mold fungus, algae, lichen, moss, wood-destroying insects for the period up to 35 years;
  • after the treatment the wood acquires superb color tone. The compound emphasizes natural structure of the wood;
  • the agent gives the surface high weather and light resistance;
  • chemically binds to the wood, which enhances conservative properties of the compound;
  • does not create a film on the surface that prevents "breathing" of the wood;
  • mandatory painting with paint-and-lacquer materials is not required;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • does not contain arsenic and chromium.

Neomid 450-1
  • EU class B-s1-d0 with low consumption of just 250 g/m2
  • period of retention of fire protective effects up to 7 years
  • provides protection from fungus up to 10 years
  • available in transparent color
10 kg
ready solution
for 40 m2
protected wood

About us

«NEOMID» - high-tech products for professional quality construction, reconstruction and repair.

Construction chemicals under the trademark NEOMID are produced by the same name NEOMID Group of companies - trading and manufacturing enterprise with own production facilities, laboratory complex, office and storage premises in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

The company's portfolio includes more than 1100 SKU of paints and protective agents for successful construction, renovation and repair works, namely: wood preservatives, intumescent compounds, varnishes, paints, transparent wood paints, removers, base coatings, fillers, adhesives, mastics, as well as products protecting building materials and structures from biocontamination and atmospheric precipitation.

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Company news

We are happy to introduce our products under TM NEOMID to Indian market.

Neomid best sellers (wood preservatives, termite protection, fire retardants) are now available in India through our partners SS Wood Culture.

Climatic conditions in this region - humidity and high air temperature, monsoos, intense UV radiation - will remain the same, which means protective and resistant chemical compounds (such as waterproof wood preservatives, intumescent wood impregnants, UV resistant top coats) will be extremely high-demand.
NEOMID presents export products at DelhiWood 2019, the largest wood working exhibition in India.

The exhibition is held in Delhi from March 13 to March 16, more than 500 manufacturing companies from 35 countries demonstrate products and technologies for wood processing.

India is now one of the most promising export markets. Local companies are interested in importing high-quality and high-tech products.

TM NEOMID represented following groups of products: fire retardants, intumescent wood impregnants, wood preservatives and top coats.


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