Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As NEOMID group of companies is growing and achieving commercial success, we strive to take social responsibility more seriously. Annually the company participates in charity and socially important projects, including:

  • providing sponsorship for social needs through non-profit organizations;

  • assisting for restoration of historical monuments;

  • providing charitable help to children’s homes and social facilities.

We have a responsibility to our customers for high quality of NEOMID products. Since its first day, the management decided to create compounds meeting consumers’ high requirements for those who value reliability and good result. For manufacturing NEOMID products, we purchase raw materials only from tested and reliable domestic and foreign suppliers. Every batch passes serious tests in our laboratories, where the specialists analyzes compliance of the products with all the claimed characteristics.

Our customer’s opinion is important to us, and we are open to dialogue – our hotline workers will always be happy to provide advice on all product-related questions.

We respect the environment and want to contribute to its protection, paying particular attention to ensuring safe production.

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