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Neomid 450-1
  • Any type of wood
  • Low consumption
  • EU Certified- class B-S1-D0
  • 7 years of protection
  • Eco-friendly
10 kg
ready solution
for 40 m2
protected wood

About us

«NEOMID» - high-tech products for professional quality construction, reconstruction and repair.

Construction chemicals under the trademark NEOMID are produced by the same name NEOMID Group of companies - trading and manufacturing enterprise with own production facilities, laboratory complex, office and storage premises in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

The company's portfolio includes more than 1100 SKU of paints and protective agents for successful construction, renovation and repair works, namely: wood preservatives, intumescent compounds, varnishes, paints, transparent wood paints, removers, base coatings, fillers, adhesives, mastics, as well as products protecting building materials and structures from biocontamination and atmospheric precipitation.

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Roof cleaner NEOMID 660 is designed to inhibit the growth of moss, mold, fungus, algae and other biocontamination on all types of soft and hard roofs. It ensures efficient and long-term protection of the treated surface.


  • has a wide spectrum of biocidal activity: bactericidal, fungicidal and algal;
  • ensures effective cleaning of the treated surface;
  • after using the compound the treated surfaces are safe for human health, animals and environment;
  • contains no chemical substances prohibited in the European Union and Russian Federation;
  • treatment with the agent does not lead to discoloration or contamination of the surfaces;
  • both concentrate and ready mix do not have corrosive effect on the treated surfaces;
  • does not require rinsing.

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Cost-effective preservative for construction, storage and transportation period NEOMID 46 TRANS is designed to protect different wooden structures and lumber from decay, destruction by wood-destroying fungus and blue stain, algae, mosses, lichens for up to 6 to 8 months without washing out.


  • does not change the wood structure and color;
  • provides long-term wood protection from biological hazards;
  • does not crack, exfoliate, peel off after drying;
  • freeze-proof;
  • non-toxic;
  • ecologically safe.
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